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By Raven
I really thought I read a topic on this movie here, but I can't seem to find it if I did.

So.... anyone else see this? Thanks to my local cheap seats theater I finally saw this movie today. I read the book long ago and thought it was fantastic. These are my thoughts on the movie. If you haven't seen it or read the book I may post spoilers, so quit reading now if you don't want to read them..

As I said I loved the book. I'm always leery of movies based on books, especially if I have read the book, they often don't live up to my expectations. I started out hating this movie. They left a lot out, changed a lot, added a lot and over used The Matrix moves in the fight scenes. After I came to my senses and thought about things I was o.k. with the movie. I know they can't add everything out of the book and still have a reasonable length movie, and to be fair a lot of the book would have been rather boring on screen. They definitely made it more action packed and I know that's what makes a good movie.

Still I felt there were a few things I would have liked to see in the movie. The book is very much historical fact along with the made up vampire hunting, (or is it?). The book talks a lot about Lincolns early life as a young boy and his family. It expands on his life as a young man and how he became a lawyer and eventually started in politics. I know it sounds boring, but it's rather interesting in the book. They skipped a lot of that in the movie, skipped the fact he had a sister, left out his first love and his children except for one. Not really critical information for the movie, but a big part of the story all the same.

I was sort of o.k. with the ending of the film, but hugely prefer the ending of the book. We all know Lincoln was assassinated and by the time I got to this place in the book I actually cried. The book is very good at explaining the man Lincoln was and his beliefs and vision. In the book Lincoln is shot, and dies, but his friend Henry, who is a vampire, turns Lincoln into a vampire after he dies. Lincoln and Henry go on to kill and drive away other evil vampires. The rest of the world and Lincolns family think he is dead. I like the book ending much, much better.

If you have read the book don't expect it to be the same. I think if I had not read the book first I would have liked this movie much more, although I can't say I didn't like it. I do recommend the book although be aware it is a lot of historical fact with a bit of vampire's thrown in.

So... anyone else see this one?
The trailers for this movie really appealed to be, but alas I missed it when it was in theaters here. I'm sure I'll rent it when it's available, so I'll have to stop by this thread then to add my thoughts. Thanks for the review (and for kindly making use of the spoiler tag). Interesting to hear how it compares to be the book. As someone interested in Lincolns real life, the book sounds like it would keep my attention, even when he's not offing vamps.
Oh, I really liked it. I cannot believe no one started this thread a while ago. I think it has redeemed the Vampire (you know after that Twilight thing (Not that I have a problem with Twilight, but Vampires do not sparkle!), but I think it made the Vampire hunters more epic than the Vampires themselves. Now I have to read the book sometime.