Classics or modern, discuss your picks for the sickest flicks.
By danw
"Doctor of Doom" A winner! Of the cheezeyist spookft ever.... ProducerTom Ward, of Beverly Wilshire Filmworks. Distributed by Telefilms International. Copyright 2000.

What could be worse than a B movie...hehe, a Mexican made B spook show. Mad Dr. trying to change brains in victims. Tired of using intellectual females, upgrades to women professional wrestlers. Dr. thinking they are better suited to surviving the rigors of experimentation. The buxom wrestler babes end up bustin bad boys butt!

I actually watched the whole flick! it at a used cd/dvd store.... .50 was worth every penny!!!! WOW, maybe I'll play it on the big screen this years Halloween Party...What A HOOT! I'm sure to be, a cult following flick, that never had a chance