Classics or modern, discuss your picks for the sickest flicks.
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By Kayo
nope i failed i only got like 20 of them. :oops:
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By ghostface
I got 20. Some of them I've never even heard of!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
For the ABC monsters video, I guessed 21 (a couple were lucky guesses). Fun fact, we have about 13 or so of these characters available as pumpkin patterns.

Here's a similar video, based on horror movie titles, rather than character names. Horror Movies A-Z. For this one, I guessed 19 of them, and 7 of them are represented as patterns here.
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By ghostface
Another great video share! I got 14 on this video.
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By Raven
19 on the one Dadja posted. Although I haven't looked at the answers yet so I may be wrong on a few. The one for K cracked me up when it kicks the plane away.. :D

8 on the movie titles. I might have guessed more if I had 15 minutes to think about them all.
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By Chewy
Thats awesome. Knew more than i was expecting to.

My fave... V !
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By sloaner
I only got 7 on the movie titles. I don't watch a lot of horror movies so I didn't have much of a chance.