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By monstermash
Saw a trailer for this when I went to see Pirates in an adventure etc.
Im not sure about it. It looked nice but I was put off by some of the actors involved. It seems to be a big year for animated films with a dark edge.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Here's a new trailer shows a bit more of the story and characters. This has me more excited for this film. Some of the gags look funny, and I'm thrilled to see all the classic monsters hanging out together in one movie. But... I'm still not totally convinced. For starters, I'm not crazy about the voice cast. Adam Sandler with that accent? And a who's who of his SNL pals like David Spade, Andy Samberg, Jon Lovitz, and Molly Shannon. And the shrill Fran Drescher to boot. I wonder what it might have been with voice actors more related to the genre? Well, I hope to be pleasantly surprised. Visually, I like it. The story better be top notch!

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By pagemaster1993
I cannot wait to see this movie. I like how Dracula looks like Adam Sandler.
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By ghostface
I really want to see this movie. Even though it has some actors you wouldn't expect in a movie like this, I think it'll be a pretty good twist on the horror film characters.
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By zombombie
Well IGN have seen it at the Toronto Film Festival... You can see what they thought of it here ... nia-review

And if you just want to know the final score...well:
They gave it a massive 9 out of 10! Really can't wait to see this bookended with Paranorman and Frankenweenie over the season :D
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By SuperSonic
I'd totally see this. Right up my alley. Humorous, and creepy :)
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By nosferatu
This is the film I'm most looking forward to this Halloween, mainly because it's a family film that I can take my daughter to see. Hopefully, they won't have used all the good bits in the trailers. The plot is good and the characters are great.

I too think that there could be some great patterns from the main and lesser characters.
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By Lala
We saw it last night! It's not scary, we were in a theater FULL of kids, and they were all laughing (none of this - WAAAAHHH I'M SCARED shrill screaming). I thought it was super cute, I loved it! I'm a big SNL fan so I liked the voices personally.

I think it was a great way for families to see a "Monster" movie but the Monsters are just like us :-)

I almost want to see it again!
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By pagemaster1993
I really cannot wait to see it. My family and I are a big fan of Adam Sandler. I usually go after the opening week rush that way there are not that many people there. When I went to see Paranorman my sister and I were the only people in the theater.
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By nosferatu
My daughter absolutely loved it. I loved the characters apart from the lack of Dracula facial expressions and that his voice sometimes out of sync. I enjoyed it but thought it a bit muddled. Dreamworks animation. Some of it was brilliant.