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Yep Strippers v Werewolves :roll:

It looks fun but why do we have to make these crappy, half hearted films like this and Lesbian Vampire Killers. Such a waste of money and talent.

It has a good cast. Englund, Steven Berkoff, that bent copper off the Bill, someone from Hollyoaks who was on Strictly etc. Plus Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran.

I probably won't see it in the cinema as I'm quite likely to go on the rampage if, as suspected, it is a pile of werewolf droppings. In fact, we all probably won't see it in the cinema as I reckon it will go straight to DVD

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By monstermash
Hmm yeah I can't imagine this being in many cinemas. It looks ok but there will be much better, similar films. Planet Terror springs to mind except it was zombie in that. Totally agree with lesbian vampire killers, I don't even need to see that to know its utter crap. Never got the hype around Horne and Corden anyway and resent sharing the same last name!