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By ghostface
I cannot wait to see this movie! Tim Burton is my absolute idol! I just am hoping to see a Frankenweenie pattern when the movie is released!!! :wink:
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By staticfurball
I love stop motion animation. it realy has something that other animation lacks. Not to mention Tim Butron does such a great job at it. This should be awesome !
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By CorpseBride
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:I'm fascinated with the stop motion technique, and the process that does into designing and shooting a movie like this. Anyone watch the DVD extras on the Corpse Bride disc? Amazing artistry and engineering inside those little puppets. They have all these tiny gears in their heads so they can be made to do different expressions with a turn of a screw.
Yes the DVD extras put a whole new perspective on stop-motion film for me. I knew it was an intense process but I had NO idea the scope of it until I watched the behind the scenes footage and interviews. It is utterly amazing. I don't know if I would have the patience for something as tedious as that! The end result is nothing short of amazing though.

I am most excited about Burton's involvement in the film. I was thrilled to hear he was taking the reigns on writing, directing and producing. Music to my ears. Burton has a unique touch all his own (which you can see in his works when he was the main creative brain)...I love the edgy, almost unfinished look he gives his art. It fascinates me.
IGN have posted their review of Frankenweenie! ... nie-review

It has some mild spoilers so if you want to just know the score they gave it...
9! "Tim Burton triumphs with this stop-motion animated film."
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:Amanda, get out from under that rock, it's all dark and slimy under there. :lol:
It's cozy under here. I like it. Back on topic, hoping to see this at the IMAX. If I can drag myself away from my Halloween preparations long enough. :)=
Going to see it tonight! Very excited. I got everyone at my school interested so I won't be alone in seeing this movie will be back with a report later on tonight. Oh! What makes it even better is that I'm going to see it in 3D!