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By Tkaraoke
I saw it the first week it was re-released! :D

One of my favorite quick quotes that always makes me laugh is when the Carriage driver yells out, "What an A-hole" to Vince Clortho! LOL

"It's a sign!"
"It's a sign alright...going out of business!"
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By Hottie McNaughty
My favorite quote of all (because my real name is Jeanine and I'm a receptionist):

Janine: "Ghostbusters, whaddya want?"

I told my co-workers that next year the three of them need to go as Ghostbusters and I can be Janine the receptionist.

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By Lala
LOVE Ghostbusters!

love this one:

Venkman: Alice, I’m going to ask you a couple of standard questions, okay? Have you or any of your family been diagnosed schizophrenic? Mentally incompetent?
Librarian: My uncle thought he was Saint Jerome.
Venkman: I’d call that a big yes. Uh, are you habitually using drugs? Stimulants? Alcohol?
Librarian: No.
Venkman: No, no. Just asking. Are you, Alice, menstruating right now?
Administrator: What’s has that got to do with it?
Venkman: Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

The Saint Jerome line cracks me up to no end!
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By ghostface
nosferatu wrote:Worst ever Ghostbusters quote:

Bill Murray, " NO I won't do the third one."
I agree. Worst. Quote. Ever. :(