Classics or modern, discuss your picks for the sickest flicks.
By Ajax
I want to find some more zombie movies to watch that are actually good.

I have watched

Night of the Living Dead + Remake
Dawn of the Dead + Remake
Day of the dead
land of the dead
Diary of the Dead

28 days later
28 weeks later

Shaun of the dead


Planet Terror

Just downloaded but haven't watched:
Zombi 2
zombie dairies

Any other suggestions? I suggest all of the above to any serious zombie fan. there are some low budget ones besides this i have seen that never left a lasting impression. Just let me know the good ones if you can think of any. :twisted:
have a general flick through the recent movies posts here on the forum, a few links for clips will avail themselves...
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Good list, Ajax. Sounds like you got most of the big ones. How about....

"Dead Alive" ("Braindead") - Peter Jackson's hilarious zombie flick. Probably the most over-the-top goofy gore you'll see.

"The Return of the Living Dead" - 80s punk rock zombies and the icky"Tarman." Popularlized the concept of zombies craving "braaaiiiins."

"Return of the Living Dead 2" - Typical 80's style teens-in-peril movie. The zombies are the real stars. Mostly comical (giving the middle finger). The effects crew went all out on the zombie makeup and puppets.

"Zombie Honeymoon" - Silly by nature, but surprisingly serious. A tragic story of love and loss, which happens to involve an undead cannibal.

Also a few more I actually haven't seen yet, but they are on my list to watch.... Undead, The Serpent and the Rainbow, and Pontypool
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By nosferatu
Pontypool? I thought that was going to be a documentary about the Welsh town. As you drive through the place, it does indeed seem infested by zombies. However, you soon realize that they shuffle that way of their own accord, eat like that deliberately and walk and behave senselessly of their own free will.

The actual zombie film "Pontypool" looks pretty cool. I've never heard of it before now but have just watched a couple of clips. Seems really well acted.
Ditto, thanks for highlighting this...

Another one that might be of a similar vein is "dead air"
trailer on you-tube alongside pontypool
By Ajax
Thanks for the suggestions Ryan i will search them out. Once again I suggest Dead Snow to anyone who likes zombie movies or evil dead, and i watched one the other night called Clown House that wasn't to bad about three escaped mental patients dressed up as clowns who terrorize three brothers in there house.

I have found Dead alive and will be watching it in the next few days i'll let you know what i think.
By Ajax
Dead Air looks good to Gus i will search it out.
Wow hasn't the movies section expanded lots all of a sudden!?
It's really opening up new avenues for folks.
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By monstermash
I like a zombie film but they dont half scare me. I was going to go and see Pontypool at the Edinburgh film festival but never made. It sounded like a good one at the time. What about the one with George Cloony, Juliet Lewis, Tarantino. Cant remember the name but isnt that full of Zombies?

Oh actually scratch that last one its vampires, still good though.
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By purple1worm
"Dead Alive" was hilarious!!
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By biggbad808
REC or as it is known in the US, Quarantine. they are one and the same aside from the different languages.

Also, a disturbing little movie i believe its called zombie girl. About two boys that find a undead girl living trapped in the basement of a hopsital, and the things they end up doing with it.
By Ajax
Dusk til Dawn is the George Clooney/Tarintino one. Those are pretty good movies even the sequels. One had Robert Patrick in it. I think there is 3 all together.
By Ajax
I seen Quarintine at the theatre i was kind of disappointed I'm not big on the hand held cam movies i find it lazy. It's the same reason I didn't really care for diary of the dead. Cloverfield was okay because of the big budget but i think it would have been a better movie without the handheld cam effect. Theres just to much jerking around and you don't really get to see anything clearly.
By Ajax
Anyone like flight of the dead? I have never seen it.
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By SuperSonic
was quarantine a zombie movie??? :? :o i heard it was just general horror and it wasnt very good