Classics or modern, discuss your picks for the sickest flicks.
Was very sad to her about Gene Wilder's passing. I picked up a copy of Young Frankenstein ("fraankenschteen" LOL) on sale a few years back, its been a staple in our pre-halloween movie lead up...

I watched that and Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. I also watched the special features on Wonka, and found out that it was Gene's idea to walk out with the cane when we first see Wonka. He also stated that if he couldn't do that he would not have been interested in the part. There was a guy who knew how to bring a character to life.
Hoping to put on "Young Fronkunschteeen" this weekend as I make an eyeball flower arrangement for my table. The weather has turned Fall-ish and nights are becoming crispier. Definitely time to begin decorating and curling up with the usual monster movies. See you soon, Mr. Wilder, and thanks for all the great memories! :frank: