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By Raven
Went to see this today because I was excited about Tom Hiddleston, I mean I was excited about a haunted house movie, and probably Tom Hiddleston. Anyway, all in all it was a good movie, but it wasn't scary. I think the previews show most of the ghosts that appear. There were a few jump scares, although I easily saw them coming so didn't even jump. I do love the whole victorian/gothic type of movie and they did not disappoint with that. The "house" was fantastic and the kind of house you wish was real and that you could own it or at the very least wander through it. It really reminded me of The Woman in Black with the old house setting and not overly scary, but still a pretty good flick. And did I mention Tom Hiddleston is in it? No? Well, he is. :P
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By ghostface
So excited for this. Checking it out tomorrow. I love Del Toro, and Jessica Chastain is my favorite actress right now. Looks beautiful.
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By monstermash
Tom Hiddleston you say? Hhmmmm... :wink:

I want to see this but no doubt wont make it in time for a cinema viewing. This and Regression I thought might be worth a look. Tom Hiddleston indeed.
By b2b
A group of us are going to see "Crimson Peak" this coming Tuesday night for our October scary movie night get together. Hoping for a great evening and will report back soon after. :twisted:
By b2b
Okay, went to see it tonight with the scary movie group. Had a great pre-show dinner with good people and conversation which added much to the evening. The film itself had gorgeous cinematography and fine acting, (special kudos to Jessica Chastain) and some very visually vivid violence. The ghosts were somewhat of a secondary component of the movie, with the main story line between brother, sister, and parents being the driving force behind the plot. It was more of a thriller set in a scrumptious, over the top landscape, but definitely worth the trip.
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By vibhandaka
Not so much scary, more of a thriller. Great set design and colors though!
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By amandap80
We watched this one this weekend, and we really enjoyed it! Just scary enough for a wuss like me. Beautiful film.
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By Aylortay
Don't forget, we were graced with Hiddlebutt