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By Mayor of Haddonfield
I saw this movie last night. Going into it I didn't have high expectations due to M Night Shyamalan's recent movies, but it ended up being great! Some great scares and some funny parts made this into a very good movie.
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By vibhandaka
I really enjoyed it!!! It was totally unexpected. It's got humor, but it's an uncomfortable humor, that totally compliments the tone of the movie! I hope this means he is making a come back!
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By chuckwagon
Saw this two nights ago... I had an overall "meh" feeling about it, although I did enjoy the handful of jump-scares, and I've always liked the found footage/documentary type films. It gives a sense of realism to the film, IMO. But I went in with expectations just because it was a Shyamalan film, and I pretty much got what I expected. Overall, it was decent. I didn't hate it. :|
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I finally watched The Visit recently. Generally I think the found-footage genre is past its prime, although... I do remember a scene in M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs that made clever use of a camcorder's limited viewpoint. And here too, we get specifically framed glimpses of creepiness.

The subtly disturbing encounters intrigued me, especially when things kicked into gear during the final act. There are moments of tension, and behaviors so bizarre you have to assume they are meant to be comedic. But very black comedy. I often starting to chuckle, but then immediately felt bad for laughing.

It’s rare to have a film make me feel amusement, fear and pity at the same time. The Visit sure has a uniquely disquieting vibe. It's fun but will also make you feel uneasy. It seems Shyamalan’s still got it.
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By monstermash
I re-watched this on the train recently. Totally forgot about the old woman getting naked. The guy sitting next to me wasn't impressed. :lol: