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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Ah yes, I've been meaning to watch this recently released trailer, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. So thanks for posting it, zombombie.

So... an anthology movie with stories about Halloween. It's hard not to draw comparisons to Trick 'r Treat, a movie I have much love for. Michael Dougherty's 2007-made movie (can you believe Trick 'r Treat is 8 years old already? Although it sat on the shelf for a while, and was actually released 6 years ago) had a lot going for it. There were only 4 main stories, with plenty of overlap and connecting characters (particularly Sam). It had horror elements, but with a tongue-in-cheek tone that made it feel fun. It really captured the feeling of Halloween.

Now... Tales of Halloween. This has 10 stories. To squeeze in that many, will they have as much depth and development? Are they connected, or will it feel disjointed? Will it be "fun" or just typical scares and gore?

Hard to know at this point, but I'll gladly buy a ticket to this one. The world needs more movies that are specifically about our favorite holiday. Bring on the tales! I think I even spotted a zombie pumpkin chomping on someone's head in this trailer. :lol:
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By pagemaster1993
It seems intresting. If not connected (like Trick 'R Treat) maybe they will go for a Twilight Zone The Movie feel. I may see this one. The only thing is I don't like to go to horror movies (while in the theatres)for various reasons.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Yeah, anthology movies can totally have separate, unrelated stories. Sometimes this is great because it lets filmmakers create short films with really interesting ideas of visuals which otherwise wouldn't be able to sustain a story for a full length movie. I just wonder if doing 10 stories is too many. At most they'd be around 10 minutes each. But anyway, I'm still totally on board with this movie.
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By amandap80
We watched this movie last night and really loved it. Cute, quirky and some creepy stuff. Not too terrifying for a wuss like me. Loved the man-eating pumpkin. The vignettes were each different, but it all went together well. I recommend! :D
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By staticfurball
Oh I've never even heard of this movie...I'm gonna have to add it to my list.