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By monstermash
Anyone seen this?
I went to see it today after seeing and reading a lot of positive reviews and I wasn't disappointed. A great little indie horror, frightening idea that's told really well, the film looked great and the soundtrack really put you on edge. I didn't at any point feel like i'd seen any of it before in other films which was nice. Don't go and see it alone, you'll s**t yourself when a stranger walks into the cinema. :lol: I don't think it'll give me nightmares but some of the people (giving nothing away) keep popping into my mind and i'm sure they'll be there for a few weeks.

An extra note, don't be put off if you think its a "teen horror" as it's kind of being billed that way. Yes, it's about young adults but not in an irritating twilighty sort of way, you don't get that frustrating "useless teenager can't get away from the baddie" feeling.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Thanks for the recommendation, Monstermash. I went to see It Follows, and wrote a review:

I first saw actress Maika Monroe's acting ability in last year's excellent The Guest. When I heard she was going to be the lead in an upcoming horror thriller, I made sure to keep it on my radar. Not that the film had any chance of slipping by me. After a successful limited run, the positive buzz inspired the studio to put it into wider release. When an independent horror film is getting such good word of mouth, of course I'm going to seek out a theater playing it. So, was It Follows worth the hype?

Well, I can confidently tell you — it's dreadful. I mean, literally. It's full of dread. In the best possible way.

It's tough to write a brief synopsis of the concept. If I say that a young woman has a sexual encounter, and is then haunted with visions of someone following her, well, that's going to sound sleazy or corny. But really, it's much smarter than that. There is a mythology here, which plays by certain rules. And at the same time there is a lot of unexplained mystery, which in itself is frightening. Ah, you sort of have to just see it.


Horror seems to be in a bit of a renaissance. Well, not all horror obviously; there are still just as many vapid schlock flicks being pumped out as always. However, there does seem to be a small group of up-and-coming indie directors putting a fresh perspective on the best of the past. I'm talking about nostalgic 80s kids who are now old enough to be competent filmmakers. They're creating modern thrillers that also capture that specific spirit of the 70s and 80s classics.

As with other movies in this new indie niche, It Follows has gotten some comparisons to the early works of John Carpenter. Think back to 1978's Halloween, with its everyday suburban setting. One of my favorite moments is the scene where Laurie Strode is walking home from school. And suddenly — there's Michael Myers, just standing in the distance. In broad daylight, no less. That realistic simplicity is much scarier to me than a fantasy bloodbath with a vampire, for example.

And It Follows takes that idea of persistent stalking and anticipatory dread to the limit. With extended, wide-angle shots of swimming pools, autumn streets, and lake shores — you're always looking, listening, lingering. You know it's coming, slow and steady. Like the Terminator, there's no reasoning with the unrelenting force. Like the Alien, even when you don't see it you know it's almost certainly right behind you.


In keeping with the simple, haunting scores by John Carpenter, It Follows uses a synth soundtrack by Disasterpeace. The sound goes a long way to add to the unsettling vibe. One minute we're feeling uneasy because of a droning and building hum, then we feel disoriented by the throbbing of distorted, string-like hammering. I tried listening to the soundtrack album afterwards, and it just made my skin crawl. Excellent experimental music, but not something you put on if you want to relax.

The rare complaint I've heard is that It Follows is too sluggish at times, with too much style over substance. Not everyone appreciates a slow burn, so I can see how this film might be polarizing. But it worked sublimely for me. If a movie can make the hair on the back of my neck stand up for 90 minutes straight, I don't need a twisty plot with big action sequences. This film is about the emotional experience. I think non-horror fans might even appreciate this, because it's more about suspense than gore.


I've also heard some day that they didn't "get it." It's not a movie that holds your hand or spells everything out. Characters might make a joint decision with just a glance, or a scene might be cut short before everything happens. Rather than insult the audience, we get to be an active participant. We connect the dots, filling in the gaps. I think a little ambiguity adds to the artistry of the storytelling. While some aspects may be up to interpretation, if you're paying attention I do think it's all pretty clear.

Beyond plot debate, there are also plenty of hidden metaphors worthy of good conversation among your friends. Ultimately It Follows may be an allegory for mortality itself. Death stalks each of us every day. So how will you choose to live? Will you constantly be watching your back or will you keep walking forward?


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By monstermash
I'm so glad you like this Ryan. The longer it's been since ive seen it the more I want to watch it again. I also thought the slow burn, the extended shots, the suburban setting that's not quite sure what decade it's in, all worked wonderfully. And the sense of dread! From the encounter with the elderly woman at school to the last few frames you can't help but scan the background for that one person. But who!?!
I'm glad it didn't hold our hand either. Far too many films do that and I love to connect the dots. It opens up great conversation, coming up with theories and strategies. At the same time it doesn't leave you in the dark, you do have to pay attention to the subtle detail. Maybe those who didn't get it spent to much time looking for the follower in the background.

I couldn't fault the acting, in fact I don't think I could fault anything. The faster paced "giant" still haunts me a little! :pale:

Definitely a must buy for me. I'd buy it for the soundtrack alone.
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By zombombie
LOVED It Follows. Thought it was an utterly brilliant movie with a great story, great acting and that soundtrack!!

I will definitely be picking this up on release and I'm desperately trying to find the soundtrack on vinyl. I think a record would be the perfect way to listen to it...

And I agree MM, the longer it's been since I went to see it, the more I think about it and the more I like it :)