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By paddy_babe
Has anyone seen this trailer? Its coming out this Halloween and I think I might incorporate an Ouija board in my display (just to freak out the people who did see it) I love the tag line "Keep telling yourself its just a game" :D
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By Kayo
i saw that trailer when i went to a movie with my girlfriend and we were both laughing at it almost instantly decided we are going
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By paddy_babe
its from the producers of Insidious and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre so should be good
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By monstermash
I keep seeing the trailer for this on TV. For me, I think it looks terrible. I hope I'm wrong but it just looks like there's hardly any story and a few jump scares.
By b2b
chuckwagon wrote:Still have not seen this... Anyone have some reviews?

Didn't care for it. Wouldn't even rent it. :(