Classics or modern, discuss your picks for the sickest flicks.
I am one of the most mature minions( age rather than behaviour) and have given most films a go. However, I don't really do franchise sequels, I find them too formulaic. Some of the horror and effects are great but you know it will be left open ended to get that cash cow to the dairy at least one more time. As I have two young children, I don't get to the cinema much unless it's to see some computer animation (incidentally these films were all superb until a couple of years ago but are now pretty lame, Planes was a just a merchandising exercise and awful - they all lack originality and depth. Very disappointed Pixar. take note) and I don't seem to have the time to catch up with them on Blu Ray or online. I tend to fall asleep....that's parenthood for you. Get to the cinema while you still can!
Predator and Alien are the only well known horror/sci-fi movies that I can think of that I haven't seen. I watched "Pumpkinhead" for the first time last night. Last year I got a book called Horror Movie Freak that has a bunch of well known and not so well known movies. I have made it a goal to see every movie mentioned in that book. :)
I haven't seen any of the Saw movies in their entirety, or the Hostil (spelling? ) movies. I did just watch Hatchet over the weekend and I actually liked it very much, especially after watching the extras. I liked how Kane Hodder, Victor Crowley, didn't let the other actors see him in makeup until they actually shot the scenes.