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13 out of 13 of course...

Which reminds me (and sorry for hijacking the topic) I used 'Vincent' as a 'listening/viewing' exercise for my 2nd year English students. THEY DIDN'T LIKE IT! Found it boring! :arrowhead:

Well, at least the first time. Second time, some started to warm up to it, but still, what's wrong with kids these days?
NikkiRae wrote:I got 12 out of 13. I missed number 4. And even though I got 11 right, I almost feel like it was a trick question. 2 of those answers are mentioned in the song... :x
keifferone wrote:Number 11 was a trick question!!!! Because of that one I got one wrong!!!! :thumbsdown:
True, both "Kentucky" and "England and France" are mentioned in the song "Jack's Lament." So you gotta think hard on question 11. The key is in the wording of... where is he "known." He's specifically "known throughout England and France." He may not actually be "known" in Kentucky. In fact, there's only one guy in Kentucky who's aware of Jack, and believes that he's "Mr. Unlucky." :lol: