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By chuckwagon
So, this movie is presented in the "found tapes/documentary" fashion similar to The Blair Witch or Paranormal Activity, but the would be tapes are interrupted periodically by interviews with police, FBI agents, and locals from the area, and some doctor and professor types.
There isn't really a storyline, other than the past investigation, and the tapes being played are a kind of video journal of a sadistic serial killers escapades. The tapes are usually shot in a first person view (but not always), and depict much of the horror, and pure evil that he put people (mostly females) through. A special interview happens with a survivor, who has clearly been so traumatized by her experiences that she is no longer anywhere close to being the same person she was, and even goes so far as to say that her tormentor loved her, and she would wait for him to return. I hope I'm not giving away to many details. If I am, sorry.
While the tapes are being played, you sort of follow along with the accounts of the criminal investigation via interviews with the local police, and the Feds, and with frequent statements from different professionals in the medical field
I think if you dig this style of movie, it might be a good one to watch. The acting is a bit obvious and fake at times during the interviews, but if you can get past that, it seems pretty creepy and raw to think that you are actually looking into a psychotic serial killers day to day life. For me, a few scenes were VERY hard to watch because they involved children, but I powered through so I could give an honest opinion on this flick. I'm surely not giving away the ending, and spoiling it for anyone.
Give this one a go if you would like... Not in my top ten, but I'm comfortable saying that is more than worth a watch..... **In my best Levar Burton voice**But, you don't hafta take my word for it!