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By ghostface
So has anyone seen this yet? Just got it in Netflix today and viewed it this afternoon.. I didn't like it, but I didn't completely hate it.. The beginning scene is fantastic itself just because the 2 cameos from actors of the first 2 Texas Chainsaw Massacre's, which you have to look out for.. But, the timeline was really screwed up in the film, that was no getting past, but other than that it's not the absolute worst sequel I've seen.
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By Raven
It wasn't the worse, but I wish they would quit making these movies. That being said, I did rather like the 2003 version as well. Really, this movie could have still been made without being tied to the franchise or the use of Leatherface. They could have just had a girl inherit an old mansion with a remaining family member tucked away inside seeking revenge on the towns folk. Of course, the "Texas Chainsaw" name probably attracts more people. It was worth watching on this dark, stormy day.