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By Dans banana Loafcake
Hey, how does everyone feel about the news that there's going to be a 7th Starwars film for 2015, maybe even a new trilogy. Will be werid with Disney at the helm, although I only recently learned that they own marvel and they've not sone too bad there.

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By shaft28
I'm excited. You know Disney has been back to cranking out much higher quality products of late and SW is always better when Lucas supervises and isn't writing or directing. I think they will put out something quality but suspect it will be geared to kids as they typically are. Really depends on a script an who guess Wheaton although Del Toro would sure be interesting. Jackson would be amazing bu he's busy...

My initial reaction on FB, "my inner nerd just passed out, my outer nerd needs to change his shorts."
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By EarthGBilly
Not being a Star Wars fan, I have no real thought on this, but my best friend is a huge Star Wars fan.

He was NOT a fan of the prequels, and thinks that maybe it won't be so bad for Lucas to not be in charge of future films.
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By pagemaster1993
I do not know how to feel. I was shocked to hear about it to begin with. I honestly never looked forward to actually seeing Episodes VII, VIII, or IX in my life time. Seems like Disney is taking over a lot. First it was Marvel and now Lucasfilms, so now they have Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
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By nosferatu
I remember when Family Guy was Disneyfied. Hilarious!

I think the films will actually be better. I didn't think much of the prequels although I suppose they did what they set out to do and shifted a lot of merchandise. Disney will do the same obviously but I'm hoping they will have a decent plot.
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By monstermash
Maybe they're doing it so they can update their Star Tours ride. I was there 18 years ago and it was great but after going on it 18 years later i'd say its in dire need of updating. I don't really care for Sci-Fi on the hole. I'm not much of a Star Wars fan and I only watched a bit of Star Trek cause I love love love Patrick Stewarts voice. :)
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Pretty crazy news. I have a fondness for the original trilogy, and have kicked butt when playing my Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game against friends. The prequels had their moments, but certainly won't go down in history with the original films. And of course we also now have the Clone Wars cartoons and other stuff. Games, novels, etc.

The Star Wars universe has expanded well beyond the first three movies. So that's fine. They can go ahead and make more. I'm definitely curious to see what they're like. But I have no expectations at all. Would love to be pleasantly surprised, but I hold no specific hopes, so my dreams won't be dashed. Best of luck with the property, Disney.