Display some killer Halloween artwork you've found or created yourself.
I made this tonight and plan on using it to on the bottle of wine i will be drinking at my party. Its a nice blue bottle so it should look awesome!
It fits on a standard 750ml or 1L bottle.
Just save the larger image and print to scale. Itis 4X6 inches.


Dude... do I get minion points for this lol
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Ooh, I was thinking of making something like this, but you beat me to it! Great use of that artwork. Thanks for posting this. You do indeed get some minions points. 8)
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By Starparty
Oh that is AWESOME!

So do you think if we all mailed Ryan a bag or two of pumpkin shavings he'd have enough to make a vat or two of this?? :twisted:
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By staticfurball
lol I have others as well. I am relabeling all the bottles in my house.
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By amandap80
These are wonderful!
I needed another excuse to own more bottles of wine. *hic*
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By keifferone
I need to get some more bottles!! This is awesome. You guys rock with this stuff. Book covers and bottle labels. :shock: :D :twisted:
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By ghostface
No no, wait, This one is my favorite! Love your artwork staticfurball!! :D
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By staticfurball
Thanks dude, I just posted a new book cover too. :)
By Marlföx
VERY cool!!!
staticfurball wrote:Just wanna bump this up for anyone who wants to print it for this seasons decor party accessories. :wink:
Anyone would think someone was trying to remind the Patch Master of their past Minion exploits ;) :lol:

Thanks for reminding us of this stuff though Static, it's very cool!