Display some killer Halloween artwork you've found or created yourself.
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By nosferatu
Pretty cool stuff!

I can see them as monsters in movies

8) 8) 8)
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By Tkaraoke
That last one relly creeps me out. Kind of reminds me of Baron Underbite from The Venture Brothers! LOL
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By monstermash
Very nice work, they remind me a bit of some of the creatures from Abe. Keep it up :)
By JMP919
Very VERY nice stuff!
By arcane_reaper
Thank you guys so much! I just finished a colored version of the "smiling" sketch!
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By SaneInsideInsanity
Very nice digital or hand may i ask
By arcane_reaper
Haha, thanks! I draw them by hand then scan them into Photoshop for coloring. ;D
And yeah, lots of people seem to like the shark dude a lot, shame I didn't finish him.
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By CombichristGirl
wow very creepy indeed im totally diggin. those would make great tats
By arcane_reaper
Thanks for the comments guys!
Made another, I can't seem to stick with one style :S
Though the new style is my favorite so far, I'll probably use it more than the others.