Display some killer Halloween artwork you've found or created yourself.
i have a whole bunch of sketches almost ready to post!


^^ i did not make this image, no credits go to me, i added a 3d effect to it.
^^ unfinished
^^ unfinished

if anyone has any cool requests i might take a shot at them
so just post a request of something you would like me to draw and ill try it out!

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By badgers
I think they are pretty awesome!! Tremendous talent!!
By arcane_reaper
thanks everyone!
im trying to put my skill and imagination into digital graphics. i always sign up for art and digital graphcs for school but i never make in cause they always get filled up.
i did make it to engineering and design!

anybody can draw but only certain people are good at it, do to practice!
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By joeincogento
Looks great. I always make the excuse for myself, "Damn, I'm just too busy to draw." But it's just that...an excuse. I love to draw, I love to write, but I always make excuses for myself. I should really stop watching lousy, one-sided football games, like the three I'm sure to watch this Thanksgiving, and do something creative.
By arcane_reaper
i just posted a new pick! hope you like it!
and joe, it is always great to be creative, it can get you far.
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By mesmark
Well, if you're up for it...

I'm making some printable greeting cards for a new site. Would you be interested in doing some stuff for that.

It would need something less grusome, maybe more along the lines of Ryan's stuff, just slightly softer than Killer Pumpkins.com?

I'd like to have some images of:
- a pumpkin patch with 3-4 pumpkins
- a grave yard with a ghost
- a skeleton or any other Halloween characters in some scene

What do you think?
By arcane_reaper
ill take a shot at it but it may take a while.

glad i finally got a request!
By arcane_reaper
alright im almost done with the pumpkin patch. but i think it might be to creepy. if you dont like it when im done then i can redo it.
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By mesmark

It's your artwork and you should make it any way you like. I'd be happy if you just let me use it :)

Also, if you have a website or make one someday, I can link to it for anyone who'd like to see more of your work.

As for creepy, that's Ok. People who will want to make Halloween cards or Halloween invitations, might like some scary, creepy stuff. I just want to stay away from evil. I don't want to promote evil.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you made.
By arcane_reaper
uh, sorry, iv been caught up with school lately. i havnt gotten much of it done :?..

but i have gotten some small sketches/doodles done.. ill post them up soon :D