Display some killer Halloween artwork you've found or created yourself.
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By purple1worm
I wanted to make one last year but never got around to it. So I decided to tackle this before I start on my outdoor stuff.
1st pic was taken on 1st of September. I cut a piece out of the front. Painted the background. 2nd pic After trying out different lighting options.Decided on a small craft light instead of the battery powered led lights. Darkened the background and painted my sculpted spray foam base. Image
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By purple1worm
A little progress. Did a quick set up,playing around with positioning. Added branches for trees and a mausoleum in back. Not quite finished tombstones yet.
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By Pumpkinfreak
It looks fantastic! I love the whole idea of making a diorama in a pumpkin :thumbsup:
Can't wait to see more!
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By purple1worm
Done! Really glad with how it turned out!

I used dollar store LED battery powered lights. The tombstones, pumpkins, cemetery sign and fence are sculpted fimo clay. The reindeer moss really helps finish the look!
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By Cirrus
That turned out really nice! Very creative project!
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By purple1worm
mesmark wrote:That's outstanding! The moss looks great. The sculpted pumpkins and tombstones also look great.

I love the path, and mausoleum turned out fantastic!

Where do you plan to display it?
I made the path by spreading a little white glue and sprinkling some sand over it. The mausoleum is a printed photo I glued to a piece of craft board.
I plan on displaying it on a shelf in the living room,so I can enjoy it while I'm working on other projects!