Display some killer Halloween artwork you've found or created yourself.
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By Jackoman
Put them on a pumpkin! You have great skills!
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By SuperSonic
Raven wrote:

Hands down my favorite! They are all awesome though! :thumbsup: :twisted:
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By Pumpkinfreak
You know, these are just mindblowingamazing (and yes, I meant to write this in one word :wink: )
You have a real talent, seriously, if I would try stuff like this, you probably would have more chance to see it flying through the window then finished to perfection like yours!
(and with flying through a window I mean after first taking the elavator up to the 20th floor of a building and then throwing it though :lol: )
Really amazing, my favorite is definitely the "something wicked this way comes" one, but they are all amazing, keep up the great work!
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By Raven
Thanks all! Sadly, I haven't been doing any paper cutting lately or designing patterns. I mean to get back to it, and probably will someday.

As for using one on a pumpkin, well I just can't cheat on Ryan, even if it's with myself. I feel dirty and ashamed when I carve another's patterns. :P