Display some killer Halloween artwork you've found or created yourself.
By maegnus
Wow. Great find. Cinderella and Alice are effing cool!
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By amandap80
Those look truly disturbing. It would be neat to incorporate a twisted Alice into a whole display theme.
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By nosferatu
I love them too. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is magnificent
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By Kerianne19
These are truely twisted, and freaky. I love it.
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By gregh3196
Alice is great and i love the way snow white has all the dwarves on leashes :lol:
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By SaneInsideInsanity
I love alice and sleeping beauty these would be awesome but how many would get the references
By Joey
I saw those awhile ago, they're pretty darn awesome. Something like it on a Zombie Pumpkin would be equally awesome, as I tend to watch old disney movies while carving up my pumpkins :D