Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
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By CorpseBride
Ryan you should totally whip up a facebook cover for the download section! I would definitely put one on my profile page.
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By punchi
I would love an Age of the ZP cover for my timeline. Think that might be possible Ryan? Great way to spread the word! :D
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By Lala
I would put it up as well! :-)
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By Kayo
i like the idea of Age with Zombie pumpkins over his wings and all the past mascots under them i would even change my photo to permit the max space usage. but ill take what you give me
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By amandap80
I would use this also, great idea!
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By S.A.M
I notice you've been teasing a few of the VIPs this year; a few have appeared in the Pumpkin Scoop newsletter too, I think it's great to pique peoples interest and hopefully sell more Monster Harvest memberships to get more money for charity :thumbsup:
Thanks zombombie, your Facebook page is looking stylish!

That's right S.A.M. The primary V.I.P. Patterns page doesn't currently display the designs, but for those who pay attention there are plenty of teases and peeks all around. And in the email newsletter. Hopefully those debating a Monster Harvest plan will be encouraged to subscribe to the newsletter to see what's available.
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By BigScience
If I still had Facebook, I would so rock the Ghostbusters banner. I may have to put off carving the Busters, Slimer, and Stay-Puft until next season.