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By purple1worm
I have many faves .. Frankensteins monster,cat got your toungue, night owl, Creature reacher and Edgar a. Poe. But I also love most of the jacks, burtons and root!
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By amandap80
Favorite of all time is Eye of Newt - followed closely by Wicked Witch of the West.
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By St0ney
This is Beyond a Doubt My Favorite Zombie Pumpkins! Pattern



I like Traditional Pumpkin Faces, And it's just one of the cutest / Silliest faces to hit a pumpkin.
God I carved this little man many times each year since he was posted.

My Fave is when he made the (O) in Halloween.

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By Zombie Pumpkins!
A little trivia on the Horton pattern. It was designed as a freebie to appear in the local paper. The name Horton was chosen by a family friend, who just spouted out the name off the top of her head.

My favorite pattern? Well.. it's usually the most recent one. Right now I love The Mummy. But tomorrow I'm going to be loving the.... oops, I better not say! :lipssealed:
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By pagemaster1993
I have too many favorites: Gelatin Skeleton, Frankenstein's Monster, and The Pumpkin King just to name a few. I like almost every pattern on this site.
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By Doh
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:Doh, that's awesome! That's for displaying Ted that way. Love it.
As soon as I made the decision to put windowkins up I knew that Ted was perfect for that window.
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By Euri
Now I wish I had a window like that!! Mine all have the decorative dividing squares in the front so it would be right over any windowkin I decided to make. :cry:

Hard to choose but one of my most favorite all time patterns is Buried. I think so far it's the only ZP I've carved more than once as I try to carve them all. Really love Buried! :D
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By Kayo
the one i'm carving at the time! :wink: although i do love Frankie Stine she was my first Zombie Pumpkin carved and attracted the most attention last year.
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By shaft28
Hands down Heath Ledger the Joker. I carved that one 3 or 4 years ago and still have friends and 1 trick or treater that brings it up every year. It made more people stop in their tracks and look in wonder than any other I have ever done. A respectable second place was Chebacca, lots of fans of that too.
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Thor. Oh wait... :roll: Out of all the current ones my favorite two (because I couldn't just pick one) are Boo and Jaws.