Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Dredge wrote:I want the banner in the first pic! Thats awesome
This banner? ;)

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By staticfurball
I realy hope you will still sell the t-shirts though. I Love those and they arent too much trouble to pack are they?
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By staticfurball
I agree, that banner really is awesome.......hmmmmmm are there any old ones you are loking t get rid of ????...."wink wink" lol
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
staticfurball wrote:I realy hope you will still sell the t-shirts though. I Love those and they arent too much trouble to pack are they?
Totally. ZP branded items like t-shirts are a yearly tradition. I'll be trying some new things too. Get ready!

There is only one wall banner though. Mine, mine! ;)
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By staticfurball
My sister and I (also a ZP member) were wondering if you sell any of the shirts from past seasons. There weree a few we missed out on ....maybe you could sell some of the backstock??? :)
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By pagemaster1993
The two best things you sell are shirts and carving kits. I have not bought anything else yet but most of the other stuff is usually out of stock. I agree that you can eliminate some things from your shop.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
staticfurball wrote:My sister and I (also a ZP member) were wondering if you sell any of the shirts from past seasons. There weree a few we missed out on ....maybe you could sell some of the backstock??? :)
Sorry to say, the older shirt designs are all gone. They're basically a limited edition deal. Only a certain amount are made each season, offered until they sell out, then a new design is made for the next year. So get 'em while you can!
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By adam
Wow Ryan, this is FANTASTIC news to me. I am so glad to hear you will be devoting more time to MORE stencils. I fully agree with everything you said.

Glad to see things are moving forward. You know since we are on the topic of changes. I would LOVE to see a pattern carving VIDEO from you. Tips and suggestions as you carve a stencil or two. Say using and not using the transfer paper. :D You may do things better and I would love to see your methods of carving.
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By Dredge
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:
Dredge wrote:I want the banner in the first pic! Thats awesome
This banner? ;)

Yes. I would literally murder someone for it. Name the person.
By Ajax
GUS wrote:whenever I see an opening gambit like that.. ROFLMAO

BRAINSTORMING, options, call it what you will.

For fricks sake dredge, thus the questions, it's not like I can pop down the pub & say, have you contemplated this?, ..have you looked at this angle?

I suggest you read the thread properly, it clearly is asking questions that run along the "poser" of too much time spent packaging items, ..bigger problem overall, choosing to drop an item may not be the grand solution or end of the matter in a seasonal concern.

For instance recycling is suggestive (here's a bin please recycle), result being 65% increase in recycling less landfill,.. advertising is suggestive, Ryan could pop up a pic or guide of various mixes that fit into his current cartons that make life easier for him, you only have to ask for folk to do something for alot of them to comply, especially when they see the benefit in terms of dispatch, or a well thought out package of goodies...
bundle #1.
bundle #2.
..everything else

With any item you sell out of your entire stock of prior to halloween amongst a range of goods orientated the same direction you've clearly got to assess as to whether it's a wise move to remove that listing & how it relates to site / B&M movement.

If Ryan is spending too much time packaging it may come down to several immediate possibilities.

Layout space, existing packaging, site growth & boomerang effect on sales, awkward product... etc.

If not done effectively the packing up aspect can easily waste between 30 minutes & 1 1/2 hrs daily.

Bearing in mind the seasonality & way Ryan works through the night, propping himself up on mountain dew etc, doing everything else etc there is obviously squeezed time between all the processes that need re-evaluating / refining / adopting, ..scheduling sleep

Therefore you'd be daft not to question those when it comes to smooth running & allowing time to function as a human being when presented with something that clearly sells, draws to the site & is influential to making your patterns accessible & do-able by all regardless of experience via such an easy & promoted means on your site.

Therefore questions.

Asides from Ryan Doing ALL aspects of the site revamp prior to seasonal peak, say finishing everything by August 1st including ignoring all new pattern suggestions / requests that come in up to & inclusive of 31st October..

(that's not going to happen then)

Saral is / was extremely hard to get over here unless you know where to look, & can be as much as 19.85 GBP = 32.4984 USD

Saral Paper by the looks of things influences sales, for the one stop shop, rather than the "oh shop X sells saral & lights, & decorations, it'll have everything ...i'll get it from there", ..opportunity missed, stock left, cashflow!

This means potential loss of sales of strobe & howler lights ..all of which are available in plenty of US /Canadian stores,

Warren cutlery is pretty well known in North america ..strike another product (it's available as a dedicated pumpkin carving set from them now)

Pumpkin Gutter ...touted around the place generally, available in shops too... strike another item.

Pumpkin hanger, who knows how these'll be marketed in coming seasons, in store availability, though it's easy to replicate & sell through any outlet seasonally..

Which pretty much leaves t-shirts, stickers, that's 3 products out of a potential 10 as are showing currently (Aug 2011)

So we have 7 products which are pretty likely to be found in biggish stores (or variants thereof).

Then we have 3 products remaining 2 of which are T-shirts, these depend heavily upon having possibly, XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL (7 sizes) on cost, where it is also seasonal (new pic each year) with a starkly contrasting price between old & new style to throw into the mix, of which Ryan has already downsized his availability which from the shop frontage was a slow burner with plenty of left over stock from 3?? previous seasons.

Finally we have a nice cut out vinyl sticker at $7.00 ..for a sticker, the mindset may say "that's almost the cost of a cheap t-shirt", (before shipping).

So unless within the annual "big reveal" there's a plethora of newly sourced goodies I'd be concerned as to key items ramping up or down overall sales.

Sales can often be interlinked, back to back dependent upon each other but won't clearly show until you lose key components.

Pertaining to your Link for Saral, I've already placed what we believe to be the current uk best price (no idea of stock held) linked elsewhere, just as I did last year.

I didn't link to that site based on the fact that if you purchase Saral from them ... there is £5.95 p+p from them taking it to £14.91
i'd already checked it out from purchase to delivery!

With regards to the rest of your post Dredge, look at it this way unless you are here & reading very frequently & chose to look precisely when a post is created or answered, dug up (again) then you are faced with ALOT of fresh posts whereby upon reading you may assume (incorrectly) the member is having a whine, in which case totally incorrect.

Try this exercise perhaps, write down EVERYTHING you wish to say over the course of a day & write it verbatim onto your phone in office mode for instance, then read it back to yourself , or get someone else to read it back & see how it comes across, ..probably if you've had a bad day, in pain, bored, emotive, what comes back is deemed whiney, to anyone who is unable to contextualise it & say, ok this is in direct relation to 1 subject matter & therefore should not stigmatise the rest of a persons character.

Like you say in your blog about being a miserable so & so, hard to live with, "shady" / morose does that define the rest of your character?

I am promoting discussion,, getting others views & expanding on a theme even by berating it, as I realize I am not the only voice, but nor in all likelihood am I the only one who may feel the same way, but maybe the only one to actually comment on it, in order to discuss & gain insight..

& sadly covering old covered territory again...

As someone who is active on the forum most of the year, the odds are in favour of more posts from myself therefore a skewed perspective.
When I question something it's usually because a thought or experience has prompted me to do so, such as actively encountering folk who say "Zombie Pumpkins is incredibly US orientated", from their pespective & dalliance via a link, ..correct if you are looking at Summer Spirits, flags, bald eagles, uncle sam etc etc... (which is a percentage of an overall site).

Take for example the ratio of North American members to UK / european forum members's pretty small yes? therefore those who vocalise will feature more prominently.

If say you were on tv all the time doubtless perception rightly or wrongly would be put upon you also due to looks, features, physical aspects, regional characteristics.. all of which may not accurately portray the person.

What would be worse? If I had concerns about elements of the site & neglected to speak up & voice my concerns to someone I have dealings with on an almost daily basis?

Or should it simply be left as is to sink or swim, the forum is here for the express purpose of discussion, sharing, good or bad... my personal opinion of Twilight is that it's about an abusive relationship that is sending out "god knows what" messages to potentially impressionable children that domestic abuse is normal within a relationship..

It's well documented..
This is a random trawl.... ... tic-abuse/

..& an utterly terrible vacuous movie series (to date)

However as I've previously stated, it (multiple character stencil release) takes up large blocks of limited release over the course of a season, multiply a release like that two-fold & that's a big chunk of the "shop window" where new releases are concerned..

I wouldn't bull$hit my kid, colleagues, friends, people I know by association, (e.g. internet) on matters that gave me reasonable concern etc I wasn't brought up to sugar coat "the pill" ...(avoidance of issues).

Ultimately Ryan will do it the way Ryan wan'ts to do it, but if we all go down the route of " hearty back slapping,everythings fine, you're great, I heart everything you do then we are not being truthful to anyone with regards to a site we care about. & feedback / opinion help drive direction, input = output, as Ryan has also stated with regards to stencil design creativity happening.

The more info there is to read develop knowledge of the better, same as putting info up on the internet, to share, inspire, improve, rejuvenate, chew over.

Only a fool would post up anything on the internet & expect pure adulation! :roll: ..however in many instances folk do just that to the detriment of someones health or endeavour for the sake of a job position, pay & entitlement.

Ryan's not dumb, we can however all get in a rut though & sometimes have things go by unexplored / unnoticed.

If you go read your own posts on your blog Dredge, how do you come across? is that the sum of you?

no, I don't expect it is.
Oh my god how long did it take you to write all that! :P

I agree with you on the whole Saral paper thing. I usually spend $50-$100 on the shop each year and the main reason I place that order is Saral paper. This is an item that will be used up and needs replacing each year. I already have a saw, many howler lights, two drill bits for carving, but what i use up each year and need to reorder is saral paper. When I order my saral paper I order other things like maybe extra lights, tshirts, hanging kits. Stuff I just might want to try out because i'm already paying shipping charges.

That being said I would order my saral paper from another site if that means more time for Ryan to make patterns, because the patterns are the main drawl to the site and the reason I upgrade to the monster harvest for 10 extra patterns. When September hits I have an unbelieveable high each day waiting for patterns that ends on Nov 1st :(. Patterns should always be the main focus and the shop second.
By Ajax
If in fact Ryan only needs extra time to play Dead Island this is also Satisfactory. Then the order would go as follows Dead Island, Patterns, Shocking Shop, and last but not least eating and sleeping(recommeded but not neccessary)
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Ajax wrote:If in fact Ryan only needs extra time to play Dead Island this is also Satisfactory. Then the order would go as follows Dead Island, Patterns, Shocking Shop, and last but not least eating and sleeping(recommended but not necessary)
Ha! I like the way you think, Ajax. Indeed, it's important to have my priorities straight, and I'm glad you're on my side. Maybe I'll see you on the island of Banoi. Seems perfect for a vacation. 8)
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By purple1worm
No more pumpkin suspension kits? :( What other sites carry this item?