Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
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By monstermash
Superb double Ryan. #7 is brilliant and #8 is creepy as hell, I love it. :)
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By sloaner
#7 looks like fun to carve
By Ajax
nice # 8 not a big fan of the movies but it's defineitly thinking outside the box.
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By Euri
Ryan, I just LOVE you! :kiss: I am soooo excited about this one! Hands down my most favorite of the season so far!!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! :D :D :D
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By monstermash
9 is a must carve for me. Thanks so much, Ryan. :D
By Ajax
#9 is pretty awesome.
By geekyred
Number 9 is so damn good. Great job. Just cracking.
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By SuperSonic
Awesome job with #9 Ryan :)
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