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By JMP919
I agree, totally awesome.
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By SuperSonic
how does the Horns thing work??
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By Raven
They would need a really big pumpkin, which I sadly do not have. I'm tempted to go on the hunt for more pumpkins as I only have 9 this year. These bonus patterns are too hard to choose just a few from.

Great job on the newest Ryan!
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By Carving Queen
SuperSonic wrote:how does the Horns thing work??
I am wondering the same thing. I need to see a picture!
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By Pumpkin Head
This year is definitely all about the Bonus Patters! And the latest stencil is so scary, it jumped straight to #1 on my list of "must carve" for this Halloween! :D
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By vibhandaka
I'm making this one a window-kin fo sho!
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By Vavybee
I had problems understanding the horns too... so I printed it a second time to test it out...
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By SaneInsideInsanity
awesome pattern yet again patch master
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By intrimazz
LoD is a definite winner - printing it as I type this :twisted:

so glad I went for Harvest Membership!

Eeeek! How big must this pumpkin be? LOL Any way to shrink this one for standard paper?

2nd Edit: OK - apparently it scared the crap outta my printer! Printed something odd - then when it asked for 2nd sheet, it printed the pattern horizontally and it all fit....*cue in eerie spooky theme music*

By Ajax
That isn't ******** from ****** is it?
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By badgers
I can't see it either. Can't figure how the horns line up :(
Maybe if I work at it a little longer.
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By minion_of_the_pumpkin
i dont see it... can someone please carve it so i can tell wat it is
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By badgers
Maybe if Ryan could number where the horns attach on the main pattern. For example: 1a horn attaches to 1a main pattern, 2a horn attaches 2a......
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
There's a matching connecting shape for each horn, each side is unique. Line it up by overlapping the shapes and you're good to go. Can't miss if you can match the shapes: