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By jen d.
Zombie Pumpkins: Resurrection
Zombie Pumpkins from Outer Space (I'm hoping for this one too, Vlad!)
Zombie Pumpkin Beach Party Massacre
The Legend of the Zombie Pumpkins

Who knew this could be so much fun? :D
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By Dredge
Attack of the Killer Zombie Pumpkins!!

I love the idea of the space theme! That sounds like fun.
By The Vlad Hatter

If we can make it Zombie Pumpkins Beach Blanket Bingo, I'm in on that one.
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By nosferatu
2009 ZP: A Pumpkin Odyssey
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By nosferatu
Last one:

Crouching Zombie, Hidden Pumpkins
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By jen d.
Haha, nice, Vlad. Now this topic is gonna be on my mind all day.

Invasion of the Zombie Pumpkins
House of the Zombie Pumpkins
Rise of the Zombie Pumpkins
Enter the Zombie Pumpkins
I Was a Teenage Zombie Pumpkin
By The Vlad Hatter
Attack of the 50 Ft. Zombie Pumpkin
Calabaza: The Pumpkins of Fate
Carnival of Pumpkins
Nightmare on Pumpkin Street
By JMP919
Zombie Pumpkins Ate My Neighbors (anyone else remember that early 90's video game?)
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By mudd
raiders of the lost zombie pumpkins , reanimation of the zombie pumpkins, the hunt for the zombie pumpkins, to wong foo- thanks for everything zombie pumpkins, master of the zombie pumpkins, redneck surfer zombie pumpkins, deliverence of the zombie pumpkins, stigmata of the zombie pumpkins, the adventures of buckaroo bonzai and the zombie pumpkins, the avocado jungle of zombie pumpkins, awakening of the zombie pumpkins. yeah i was bored and in a silly stupid mood.
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By Euri
I haven't looked if it's been said but Dawn of the Zombie Pumpkins would seem to fit after a long night. A part of me would love to see Zombie Pumpkins Strike Back, Return of the Zombie Pumpkins, or maybe even The Great Zombie Pumpkin Caper. :wink:

nosferatu wrote: Last one:

Crouching Zombie, Hidden Pumpkins

Haha, awesome! I would quite like to see that one. 8) :D
zombie high school musical? fills me with dread as it is!

I'd chop my kids fingers off if she ever picked that dvd up.
Is it time?

House of a thousand zombie pumpkins.
Zombie pumpkins ate my fingers
Sgt zombies torn out hearts club band
Zombie pumpkins: return of the pumpkin king (aka hobbits must die)
Zombie pumpkins in wonderland
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By SuperSonic
im down for House of the Zombie pumpkins because that sounds aweeesome :D
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By Raven
I like House of the Zombie Pumpkins, too.

I also like last years guess of Rise of the Zombie Pumpkins.

I'm excited for it. :D
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