Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
By arcane_reaper
ok it seems that all of you still hang around and after my post i am seeing more posts on other topics, i dont know if it is from what i said or if people just felt like posting after my post.

but im glad you are still hanging around this site... and i understand that you have other things to do.. but i dunno this site got boring for a couple weeks... just thought id try and wake everyone up!lol
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By Patti
Just two words for me:

Organic chemistry

Oh yeah, and Christmas. I guess that's three words but you get the picture. :D
been busy trying to get to grips with all that was ignored in the run up to Halloween!
..But I still have my giant grim reaper up outside as I've no room in the loft till its boarded over properly (& insulation blocks cut) so he's been festive reaper (that & the winds been so high I wouldn't climb the ladder,..oh yes the jolly roger flag is still flying from the yucca tree plant!

..Another thing you Brit contingent, B&Q have put out their xmas £1 boxes in store ...I picked up the last of the 17 piece craft knife sets (yes the blue box ones) , as you cn never have enough blades / knives to hand!

..INCIDENTALLY, I was also deep cleaning our large (by uk standards) conservatory and decided that an area would now be dedicated to my pumpkin carving Lots of light & near the kettle, so I'm looking forward to carving a few over xmas before we pop over to Banff Canada mid-late Jan 2008.

As we don't really do xmas in this house we're having crispy duck pancakes tomorrow as our food of choice ... no xmas tree, just a few decorations (contrary to those in the street who had their decorations up since early November) ...but for those of you who enjoy the occasion, have a good one!
cheers all, see you in the new year!
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By sodajazz
Just been lurking lately, had a few things happening lately, will be a bit more active from now on.
All the best for this festive season, have a good one. :D
By arcane_reaper
iv been doing animations and stuff, still trying to stay active. but im glad everyone seems to be around again!