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Guess the 2016 Zombie Pumpkins website title!
Winner will receive their choice of one item from the Shocking Shop (including any of the new 2016 items).

The naming format for the titles is usually "_______ of the Zombie Pumpkins!" You fill in the blank. Each forum member is allowed up to 3 guesses. When the title is revealed, the winner will be the person who posted the correct guess first. So guessing early has its advantages. So does guessing closer to the relaunch, as I will post teaser design images and other hints that might make the guessing easier.

To give you an idea of what to expect (and what NOT to guess) previous site titles have been:

2003 - Attack of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2004 - Revenge of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2005 - Curse of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2006 - Bride of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2007 - Seed of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2008 - Night of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2009 - Dawn of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2010 - Invasion of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2011 - Spirit of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2012 - Age of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2013 - Laboratory of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2014 - House of the Zombie Pumpkins!
2015 - Coven of the Zombie Pumpkins!
Well. I think it's time for us to take up arms against the Pumpkin Rebellion. Carved or Be Carved!

I would like to submit my first two guesses to the site name for this year!

Rise of the Zombie Pumpkins!
War of the Zombie Pumpkins!

Any one else for a guess? :)
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By ghostface
I guess it every year, and I'm determined it'll be the site title at some point!

Day of the ZP!

That's all I got.... For now :twisted:
I guess it is that time to start thinking about the upcoming year. I don't have any guesses yet, so I'll have to start thinking about them.
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By Pumpkinfreak
Ah, that time of the year again!
Always look forward to this :)
My first two guesses are:

"Lair" of the ZP
"Reign" of the ZP

Saving my last one for later :wink:
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By chuckwagon
I'm gonna make my first guess using one of mine from last year.... MYSTERY of the Zombie Pumpkins!

EDIT: Guess #2... JOURNEY of the Zombie Pumpkins!
Edited on 9/16

EDIT 2: Guess #3... FLIGHT of the Zombie Pumpkins! I didn't look to see if anyone else had guessed this one yet, so I included all dates of my edits to be fair to anyone else who may already have the same entry before me.
Edited 9/21
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By Zee
Dredge wrote:Im going to use my first guess for Wrath of the Zombie Pumpkins.

If I use it enough, one year it will happen
I like your thought process. With that said, here are my guesses for this year:

1. Infestation
2. Reanimation
3. Academy

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By mesmark
Adventures of the Zombie Pumpkins
- because I guess this every year in hopes of a cartoony ZP year

Blood of the Zombie Pumpkins
Thirst of the Zombie Pumpkins
- because we have had Frank, his bride, a ghost, a bat, and a witch. I think we will eventually get a vampire as well
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