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By Chewy
Would it be possible to put some special brand or logo, or wording on the VIP patterns?

Last night i spent an hour or so putting my 2015 patterns into page protectors and filing them alphabetically into one of the two 3" binders reserved for Zombie patterns (next year, i''ll probably need to add a third, they're both overfull now). I also spent some time cross checking the current master list against my collection to see if anything had snuck in or, worse, id lost something... I do believe both have occurred over the years. :shock:

What i noticed, as i reflected on the ZP pattern collection I've amassed over the years, there were some that I remember distinctly as being special ones, simply because of their unmitigated awesomeness. There were some that were VIPs that I remember as being VIPs, but, the rest, no idea.

I suspect this is not something that would be of any value to what I imagine an average ZP customer would be, I bet the majority dont get VIP patterns anyway and, worse, I bet the majority only print / save the ones they intend to carve. For the people who im guessing are the one percenters (and likely are also the ones likely to read this) who print/save all - this would be nice.

Sorry if this is a duplicate request. I tried searching, didnt find anything relevant.
You bring up some good points, Chewy. I'll consider somehow labeling the actual printout of V.I.P. patterns to designate their special-ness. Surely something like a little badge, icon, or even fine print text can help the collectors identify them in their collection.

In the meantime, if you think you're missing something specific, or wonder if a certain pattern was/is a V.I.P. pattern, don't hesitate to ask me. I can help identify their history and categorization.
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By Chewy
Thanks PM!

I think the proverbial horse has left the barn. And, to be honest there are a few that I do remember were VIP's - for their own reasons. Its not a huge deal, but, if its something as simple as a watermark going forward, that would be cool.

Anyway, thanks for considering it and hopefully you're enjoying your "off season"