Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
The site is running very slow for me. Pages are taking a good long while to load whereas every other site i'm on is working fine and at normal speed if that makes sense. And when I log in to the forum it says my password is incorrect and I have to type in the CAPTCHA thing. I know my username and password are correct when i'm typing them in as i did it really carefully to check I wasn't making a mistake or had caps lock on. Like I say, not a real issue, I can still access everything. It just takes a long time and sometimes times out. Just started today. It's probably just me getting it but I thought I'd see if anyone else had a noticeable slowing.
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Had this same issue literally just now. I solved it though. So at least I'm here :P
I have had the same issues this afternoon. Laptop seems to still connect, obviously hence post, but iPad times out. Guess that Christopher Lee pattern broke t'internet.
Sorry friends. The site was running slow earlier, but I believe it's now fixed. More power was requested from the hosting servers, but wasn't happening fast enough for my tastes. Putting up this lightning rod during a thunderstorm seemed to do the trick though. :frank:
matspud wrote:The slow site /timing out and "unable to make a secure connection have been happening to me all evening ( and still going) . Guess there are lots and lots of people printing patterns :D
I seem to be having this problem too.