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portercat wrote:Third and final guess: School of the Zombie Pumpkins
Matspud already guessed "school." The only reason I know this is because he guessed this about 10 minutes before I went to submit it. I'm thinking he guessed correctly for the second straight year.
This is indeed serious stuff.

I had to do a double take to be sure i hadn't missed it already. and then, wade through all the guesses.

My first guess, is so obvious, I cant actually believe no one else has already put it out there.

Return of the Zombie Pumpkins

After that, scratches head, how about




Good luck to everyone who had better guesses than me.
If its not too late, I'd like to change my guesses to these (assuming changes are allowed) :P :

1. Temple of the Zombie Pumpkins
2. Conjuring of the Zombie Pumpkins
3. Awakening of the Zombie Pumpkins
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:As always, some great (and some bizarre) title guesses. I will compile a full list of all the guesses later, but I can tell you this...

You can stop guessing, because there is a winner. It has been correctly guessed! Who do you think it is? Maybe you?
I mean. It would be awesome. I would like one answer before you launch though.

Was it early? Or later into the guessing spree?