Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
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By matspud
Definitely Mansion !! "Grim grinning "clue makes "House " unlikely. Wish I could have remembered that word ( all I could think was House or Manor) when I was putting in my guesses - blooming old age ruining my memory :lol: :lol:
By Ajax
Well isn't he a cute little fellow :D . All I have to say at this point is.

"It's time to play the music
It's time to light the lights."
By Ajax
If your waiting for Gozer the Traveller to launch this site Ryan so help me gourd. :wink:
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By SuperSonic
Ohh come now. That's playing with fire. A site tease near the end of September? With only 3 days left? This better mean an imminent launch!
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By alyssaSF
The suspense is killing me! But I really like the new color scheme. And that little pumpkin looks pretty cute.
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By paddy_babe
oh oh oh I just noticed but not only is it a house but it is all decrepit, look at the wooden boards showing through on the wall and the cracks on the room where the mascot just came out of... haunted house/asylum is looking good which sucks for my guesses! (slaves, summoning, demon) :? but means a cool theme :D I dunno why I just thought it would be a bit exorcist/demon-y this year (slaves I was thinking demon overlord ZP lol)
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By Lala
Okay it says "come knocking soon"