Sharing knowledge for the art of artificial craft pumpkins.
Hey guys. I just bought two Michael's gemmy pumpkins on sale for $7 each. Going to try to carve a simple pattern on one tonight.

Is it better to cut a small hole in the bottom for lighting or at the top?
Good luck with the first Michael's gemmy 'kin. Personally, I prefer the cut off the bottom. Then you can place the pumpkin over a light, and have a clean top with no light peeking out. Also, you won't have to worry about replacing the lid all the time (or worry about losing it). You can just cut a hole in the bottom and throw it away, since you'll never see the bottom while it's on display.
One reason I like to cut out the bottom of my foam pumpkins - I make the hole exactly the same size as the round battery powered LED light I plan to use (by tracing along the edges of the light, held against the bottom).

This way the plastic light fits in the hole snug, and I can even move the pumpkin around and the light stays stuck in the bottom. Just make sure to cut a little notch for the on/off button (if your LED light has a switch on the side).
I cut a door in the lower back just big enough for the light (if there isn't a mouth or big enough hole for one). Then I tape it closed. I hang mine from the house an trees and a top or bottom cut screws up hanging and/or where the light rests.
I top cut mine for 2 reasons:

1. I prefer top cut so that way I don't have to worry about a light falling out. Also, for me personally, its easier to change the color if I dislike the one I've chosen.

2. I always put my pumpkins on the lawn, so I don't like to get my lights wet if it starts to rain. It has been rainy and windy on Halloweens before so I play it safe.
Italian Pulli wrote:Hey ryan just wondering what battery operated led light you use for your foams and where to find them?
The pumpkin lights I use are the ones mentioned in this topic. Different companies have made them, but if you read through that you'll get an idea of what they look like, what they might be called, and where you might purchase them.

Personally, I just get mine from the private stock I have left over from when I used to buy these wholesale and resell them in my online shop. ;)

I also sometimes use these small LEDs for certain uses, especially in smaller pumpkins.