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By SuperSonic
If you choose to carve your foam kins with the ZP! Pro Carving tool You may notice that some of your cuts may have "frayed" a bit. In other words you see the lines not looking so clean.

Not sure what to do about it?

Hit it up with this stuff [link broken]

This "grit" or finer sand paper (dry only) will help cut back the "fray" and make the lines look A LOT cleaner.

Wish I had pics! I just did those now.
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By Starparty
Sand paper is a huge help!

I also have been using one of the cheap fiberboard emery boards. I found that in the really small cuts you can trim down the board to a point or a long thin rectangle and it slides right in! The rougher grit side can even help reshape and carve slightly on a super controlled level :)