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By pagemaster1993
I actually bought one from Michael's recently. The medium was $20! I hope to use it for a Goosebumps carving.
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By St0ney
Just a FYI : You can buy the 13" Gemmy's (well all Sizes) on the Micheal's Website.
(so if they're not in the Store near you) just order online)
If you spend $49+ you will get FREE Shipping ...

I took advantage of a deal they had last week 40% off + Free Shipping.
Even with the Deal (with Sales Tax) these things Cost me almost $20 Bucks each...
($19.44 to be exact).
By Zee
MaryBritton89 wrote:
Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:28 pm
Walmart has 13" for $9.97 and 9" for $6.97.

They come in Black, White, and Orange but unfortunately all the same shape..
Darn it! I went to Walmart in Buffalo yesterday (I live near Toronto) and they had NOTHING. Literally zero Halloween decorations. Broke my Halloween-lovin’ heart.