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Had to share!!!
Was perusing the Michael's website and came across their BIG (18') pumpkin -- took a shot and picked up 2 during one of their 60% off + 20% off sale -- they came out to 19.99 each

As of now I have no idea what I will use them for -- Ryan need a crazy Halloween theme or something HUGE

I used a piece of paper for scale and lined them up next to the "normal sized ones"

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I didn't even realize Michaels had ginormous ones. Are they the same sort of foam? Same thickness? Pretty cool! Looks like they have deeper grooves on the surface though. Too bad they're not a bit smoother. That always makes our pattern transferring job easier.
Hey Ryan -- the foam appears to be very thick --I carved a KMART pumpkin last year and that was a chore ~ noticeably thicker than the Michael's pumpkins -- this feels the same maybe even thicker .

The grooves are deeper and will also pose a challenge.

But I look at it as I would a real pumpkin ~ some are easy some are not -- but that is what makes it fun. Again not sure what to carve or if I will even carve it this year.
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By amandap80
What a beast! Maybe Undead Ted and his hands would look good on that. You may need a wire wheel on the drill to thin the inside a bit. I'll be curious to see what the inside looks like. :thumbsup: