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By Pumpken
I haven't had a problem with this year's Gemmys except when I am outlining with a small bit. I occasionally have to drill into a block of wood to clean off the paint. Takes about 3 seconds. I haven't had any problem with high speed cutters for shading.

Here's a couple recent pattern shaded ones I did.


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By Pumpken
Michael's has pumpkins for 60% off and $1.95 flat rate shipping today only.

Too bad I ordered 30 and paid $24 shipping two days ago. And they already shipped them so I couldn't cancel the order.
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By St0ney
It Seems my Paint Issue on the Gemmys (Micheals/Lowes/Target/Home Depot Pumpkins) is more of a Location thing, Than a Pumpkin Problem.

Doh Pointed out, that it might be a Humidity problem. that is causing the paint to Soften. and he was 100% Right.
I Built a Gizmo to dry the pumpkin up (remove the moister) and No more paint Issue...

Now I'm not sure, if the Humidity/Location problem is Living in Philadelphia,
Or my Actual Basement where the pumpkins are Stored and carved ?

I've Also Found that Spraying a Clear Coat on the Pumpkin, (First) and Let Dry. Also Helps a Great Deal..

The Clear Spray I used is... (Plaid Acrylic Sealer Matt Finish)
(I only Spray the Carving Side).

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By shaft28
FYI Michael's has small stone colored pumpkins. (Sorry if some one mentioned). We're planning on Picachu for the glow in the dark, likely the gargoyle on the stone and unsure about the teal...maybe a SJ Shark pattern. 50% off this week but have to say I was pretty happy with their Halloween selection overall. Picked up a few things like a foam skull and some wee hanging ghosts.