Sharing knowledge for the art of artificial craft pumpkins.
By ferretrick

I need to carve a ton of artificial pumpkins for my wedding this year (Oct. 29th). If I wait till artificial ones show up in stores in July, I'll never finish. Does anyone have a good source for buying foam ones off season? Would help if they were cheaper. Thanks.
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By Pumpken
About the only place I know is or who sells funkins. I don't know if you can negotiate a cheaper price if you want to order a bunch of them.
By Stormee1961
I would contact Michaels Arts & Crafts. They may be able to help you...I know they are already stocking the shelves with them. Use the 40% coupon if they are not on sale. If you print off the coupon and take family/friends with you have each of them "buy" a jack too! I usually do about 20 a year of these guys. Not sure how familiar you are with working with them, use an electric hot knife (found in the wood department at Michaels), makes the job much easier and only takes a few minutes to get used to the length of the knife without burning yourself. If you trusted your family and friends you could have each of them do one for your wedding as well! could be fun...Curious to see the end results!