Sharing knowledge for the art of artificial craft pumpkins.
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By chuckwagon
So, I've done a few foamies in the past and even very recently that once certain sections are cut out, they are extremely fragile. My immediate redneck solution was to get some super glue gel, and glob some on the specific areas, from the inside, and once it dried, hopefully make it more rigid, and strong. It seemed to work, but not quite as good as I had hoped. Good enough to put my mind at ease for an indoor display, but still questionable for outdoor.

Anyone have foam pumpkin reinforcement ideas that I could steal?
I don't have any suggestions really. So this would help me out too(seeing as most of my carves are foam). As of now all I can say is be very very very careful, and treat them like children.
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By Minionette
Here's what I do. Being a crafty minion who sews, I always have straight pins. When I find an area that's weak or broken I start a hole in the piece (a pilot hole). Where I want the pin to go. I insert it from the back side of the foamies and push it in with a tool or thimble. Then I add a touch of glue. This usually does the trick for me. I've repaired many a foamie this way and they hold up fine. Just be careful not to pierce your fingers. The pilot hole helps keep the pin from going all the way through the skin.
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By Cirrus
I've used the super glue method and also the straight pin trick, too, and it works well, too.

I've even been known to go for the needle and thread. This year I created my own Western-themed Casper the Ghost pattern. He's wearing a cowboy hat, and saying "Boo, Y'all!". It turned out great until I realized one of the lines defining the brim of his Stetson was waaay to thin and it broke. Horrors! So I used a needle & thread to bridge the gap and hold it together. I added a drop of super glue, a sprinkle of pumpkin dust, and it's hardly noticeable.
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By shaft28
Thanks, I'd been using superglue which doesn't always work and toothpicks. Will pick up some straight pins as every year I have a few repairs to make. Appreciate the tips.