Sharing knowledge for the art of artificial craft pumpkins.
Hey guys. I'm curious for those of you who carve foam pumpkins on a regular basis.

I'm on kind of a budget for Halloween this year. And I'm considering my foamies for a major portion of the display.

I have say, 12 of them that would clock in as part of my display. But I have a slight problem.

How does one keep them from flying away in the wind? Also. How do you deal with rain should it choose to come down in sheets? Or just a sprinkle.

Is there tips or tricks you guys can give me as to help my 30 kin display go off without a hitch?
I usually don't have a problem with the wind blowing my foamies over but you can try a bag of sand or gravel in a ziplock bag to weigh it down. Other than your lighting, rain shouldn't affect your pumpkins either. The polyurethane will survive World War III. If you haven't already, check out my review of the waterproof LED tea lights in the reviews section and you should be good to go. :thumbsup:
I haven't had much experience with this. Seeing as I don't decorate much on the exterior of my house. However I do agree with Killed by Death. Also if you don't want to get water proof LEDs you could put a basic howler in a ziploc bag as well.
Wind is a major nemesis for me. I cut the bottom of my foam pumpkins out and set them on strings of Christmas lights. So sand in a baggie on the bottom is not workable. I have not found a good solution, and with over 100 foam pumpkins in my display, I am always worried about the wind. I have had a few gusts that knocked a bunch of pumpkins off, but so far I haven't had any major disasters yet.

I have a small hole in the bottom (behind my light hole), then use a wooden dowel to secure the pumpkin to a straw bale. or you can drill into a wooden plank, or stick the dowel in the ground.
Thank you all for your input! Thankfully, I cut the tops of my foamies (as I would any pumpkin). So placing a baggie in the bottom wouldn't be too much of a hassle.

Now making sure it and the light are not noticeable on the other hand...