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By Doh
When I get home today I will measure how far the treads stick out on mine. I might also take it apart to see where the whole thing seats into the handle. Yours might just be out of position.
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By Doh
So...I took a look at my flex shafts. I removed the end cap and measured how much threads I have exposed. It is a full 3/8ths of an inch of threads. When fully closed my chuck just clears by 1/16th of an inch. This was consistant on both of my dremels. If your threads are 3/8ths or more you most likely have a bad chuck.
Took this picture, and it seems like your measurements and what I'm getting are right around the same, Doh... I will say that with the naked eye, mine MIGHT be just a hair under 3/8ths. My only reservation about the chuck now being the problem is the fact that I've seen the same exact issue on on two separate chucks, both Dremel brand products, and both obtained at separate times. One was sent to me from Dremel directly when I first contacted them about this issue. I still have not heard back from them regarding my last email in which I explained that the newer chuck they sent did not fix the issue. I believe that was just this past Friday or Saturday.

Yeah, that's pretty much exactly like mine, ain't it? LOL.... IDK... I really hate to buy ANOTHER freakin chuck after having already purchased a brand new one a few weeks ago, and also Dremel sending me that freebie. I guess the proof is in the pudding though. just sucks for me, lol.