Sharing knowledge for the art of artificial craft pumpkins.
Earlier this year I carved a foam pumpkin that I got from Target in 2012. I was pretty happy with it. Soft foam, good thickness, carved easily for my needs. I'd be pleased to see them available again.

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By Minionette
I liked the consistency of the Target foamies. True, they are not as wide as the funkins, but they are the most reasonable price wise, that I have found in my area. They are willing to sell them to me in bulk with a discount too! Target tells me they will be available in August. Love the pattern, Patch Master! Cant wait to carve one myself!
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By Jack Carving
I just picked up 4 of these foam pumpkins from Target last night. They do appear a little shorter and narrower than Michael's Gemmys, but really can't beat the $12 price tag. Has anyone tried carving these with a Versa Tool yet? They seem to be made from the same material as Gemmys, but quite a bit thicker and their thickness appears to be consistent through out. I am going to try carving one later today with my Versa Tool to see how it does.
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By sloaner
I also picked up 4 of them last weekend and Carved Thomas the tank engine. I had to put the blade in deeper but was still able to carve it with little problem. It seemed to take a bit longer so if I had to choose I would pick the Michaels ones, but the price of the target pumpkins is very good.
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By Jack Carving
So I decided to test the thickness of one of these Target foamies while simultaneously trying out a new idea I had for ZP's Universal Monsters :D

I am pleased with these new foamies, I used my Versa Tool to carve the patterns and will definitely be stocking up on these foamies this year. I am also pretty excited about how my carves came out, I plan to do some more Universal Monster carves like this, but I am not sure if I will post them as the patterns will be a mix of ZP and non-ZP. One thing is for sure, I am definitely taking the weekend off from carving anything else. My hand is killing me. :shock:
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By shaft28
I picked up 2 from Target yesterday at $12, then popped by Michaels and theirs were 60% off for $11.99 (bought 4). Targets look fine, little smaller are huge unlifelike stem. Michaels are shiny this year, look as good as normal.
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By SuperSonic
sloaner wrote:They just opened a Target in my area, hope they sell them this year.
I'm with you on that one!
I carved my first Target one last night (our Target opened after last Halloween). I found it pretty easy to carve, but I had to put the blade in a little farther because it did seem a little thicker than the Michaels ones. I have to say my Michaels ones last year were crap! So crumbly and hard to get a nice clean cut.