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Is it just me or does the foam on the Michael's pumpkins seem similar to last year? I made sure to get the new "improved" 2014 version with only the black dot on the bottom (no date stamp) but the foam seems just as fragile and rigid as last year's pumpkins. I've already snapped off 2 small pieces on my first pumpkin as I was pushing out the cut pieces. I hold my breath every time I push a piece out around a detailed area even when I cut it into tiny pieces with my Versatool. Before last year I never had an issue with this and I've been carving Michael's foamies for years. Anyone else notice this problem?
I've only carved one large one, and a few mediums. I was not at all happy with the large. I thought the foam was much harder to carve into, and it didn't turn out very well. The mediums on the other hand, I thought, were perfect.
I had a small stock pile of Michael's foamies from last year. I had 3 butter smooth yellow foam, perfect carves. Then I had this darker orange, crumbly foam. The smooth ones had a date and lot stamp, the crumbly one had no stamp. Hard to get a smooth edge, even with a Versa Tool. Is this what I should expect for 2014? It may be time to switch back to funkins.
To be honest, I've had the paint flaking problem with the Funkin brand this year too. I have become good at camouflaging it though.... I touch up the bare area with a brown marker and then dab on a bit of pumpkin orange acrylic paint. Its not perfect, but better.....