Sharing knowledge for the art of artificial craft pumpkins.
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By koolaidmick
Hello everybody! I'm going to be trying my first shaded/fake pumpkin this year. Here is my design, I was hoping some of you more experienced carvers in this area might have some helpful tips. Here's the pattern. Thanks in advance!
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By St0ney
If white is Cut-Out as I'm assuming - The Pattern is not going to Work.

In GOTHAM - The (O) and the (A) The Center is going to Fall out Completely...

Comics and Coffee - Full Words, Are Going to Fall Completely !

I'm actually in the middle of carving a pumpkin and took a quick break.. But want to Help you out for your First Carve...
And I NEVER Post Patterns Here. (But it's a Logo and I don't think others would want to carve it)

Here's What will Work - And I cleaned it up a little - Don't have time to clean it up completely.
I also Added more Space between the Letters in Gotham City - So they can be cut out.


You Do Have the Option of doing the entire thing Shaded, But it will pop More As I have it...

Okay Have to Finish my Abe Lincoln Carve - Good Luck, And if you Have any Questions on Shading the Pattern,
Please go to My Forum and Ask, As You Know ZP is an Awesome Cut-Through Pattern Site, So lets not Post Off Topic.

Some of Use Do Carve Shaded and Post on here, But We Also Carve Many ZP Patterns.

OFF Topic, Ryan - I will once again Be Carving a Bunch of your Patterns, And Promoting ZP at a fest I'm doing OCT 18th and 19th in the DC Area.
Give me an Audience - And I'm Promoting Stoneykins and ZP !! :thumbsup:
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By koolaidmick
I figured I would do it entirely shaded, didn't want to cut out the letters. I would leave the black parts un-touched, shave a little out of the gray areas and go really thin on the white. Think that would work?