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By BigScience
Hey guys! I was wondering if someone who is good at carving foamies with a dremel (like doh or stoney) could post a video tutorial of how you use dremels to carve and shade. Those lines have been so incredibly smooth. I have been experimenting and see how it will be easier, but would like some more help to really smooth out shading and line work.

Thanks! :thumbsup:
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By Doh
I do not have any video. St0ney has a tutorial on his site but I don't think he has any video either. I could do a video on my next carve if I can convince a family member to help with the camera.

My steps are simple.
I use an xacto knife to trace around the pattern shapes and remove the paper.
I then use a small drill bit, (1/32), to do all the cutout shapes.
I then use high speed cutters to remove the bulk of the shaded areas.
I then use aluminum oxide grinding stones and diamond burrs to smooth out the shading and finish off the tiny, detailed, areas.
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By BigScience
I am starting to decide that I am not a fan of the dremel on carving jacks. I am using the tools that have been described and on a couple of jacks and it just isn't that great. I have shaded a couple and it is such a pain, especially in detailed areas (considering how seek you have to go for light to actually shine through. I think I might have just ruined a foamie. I am frustrated with it at the moment and will try to salvage it later. This years stock (Funkins and Michaels) doesn't really glow as advertised until you get it paper thin, which is VERY tricky to do in tiny areas (like shaded lines)... I has a sad... :(
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By Pargolf
That sucks! Michael's pumpkins use to be so easy to Dremmel carve back in the day... Just had to smooth out the center line. They actually looked pretty good with the lights on. I'm sure someone will problem solve the current issues.